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Wedding in Dubai Top 5 Expenses

The Top 5 Expenses You Should Know Before Planning A Wedding in Dubai

Dubai – the name says it all. It is a dream destination for just about everything from tourism to weddings to living.

If you are planning your wedding and you’d like it to be the most unforgettable event of your life, Dubai is definitely the place to be. However, a wedding in Dubai can be quite expensive unless you know what and where to look. You can avoid this large cost by doing your research and making informed decisions about the expenses involved with respect to guests, venue, decoration, food, entertainment, clothing, and other such factors. The following guide will help you through the process:

Finding a wedding venue in Dubai

photo of wedding venue at burj al arab during the daytimeThe venue must be first on your list because the location plays a vital role. Entertainment, guests, and time of the year will determine how much you will have to pay for the venue.  You can choose from ballrooms, outdoor locations, and indoor locations but your choice should mainly be based on your budget and the date. For example, ballrooms are ideal for April weddings because of the heat. Outdoor locations are ideal for spring but you should keep in mind that you may have to compromise on music entertainment outdoors.

The Dress

The bride has to look her best on her wedding day and her dress must be perfect. For the bride, nothing is more important than the dress. Sadly, wedding dresses can indeed be very expensive. In Dubai, you will have to spend at least Dh10,000 for a decent dress. If you want something specific, you could go for custom-designs and that may actually cost you less. You can simply pick a style that you like from a magazine and have it replicated. Another option to cut costs in this category is to shop online. Over the Internet you will have many choices that are cheaper than their counterparts in stores. The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you buy from a good and reputed online store. If your budget is really low, you have the option of renting the dress for your wedding night.

Wedding Decorations

You have a lot of scope when it comes to wedding decorations such as colour combinations and themes. That is why you must be careful not to get confused. Think of your budget, your requirements, and of course, your preferences, and then make a choice. For example, some of you may love centrepieces while some others may want brilliant lighting as priority. Jot down your preferences and cross-reference them with costs and budget. Hiring a creative wedding planner maybe an ideal option to help provide you with the result you want.

photo of a camera lens used for photography to represent wedding photography services in dubaiPhotography & videography

Photos and videos will capture your special moments forever and that is why choosing the right photographer and videographer is probably your most important decision. In Dubai, costs for photo-videography may be around Dh15,000-Dh20,000 for eight hours. However, you can request a package for more or fewer hours based on your needs. Remember to ask about the services included such as printouts, albums, engagement shoots, and so on as well because these will impact the cost.

Wedding entertainment

Music is an absolute must and no wedding is complete without it. The UAE offers a range of themes and cultures for you to pick from when it comes to music. The rates vary based on the type of entertainment. For instance, classic music is generally not as expensive as other forms of music. Hiring a wedding planner who has plenty of contacts will make things easier for you because he will be able to find you entertainers who fit your budget and needs at the same time.

The next step

So sit back and start putting that wedding plan together. If you require a professional wedding planner to help you create your dream wedding in dubai then be sure to contact Eventra Events by clicking here.